Cinemagraph Test

In the last couple of years, cinemagraph’s have taken the world of advertising by storm. For those who don’t know what cinemagragh’s are – they are a static photograph which contain an element of movement (usually a looped video element). They are perfect for use on social media, websites and blogs. Cinemagraph’s are often thought provoking and work so well because they encourage social engagement.

I teamed up with photographer and all round good guy Stuart West to brainstorm some ideas and produce this set of images. Neither of us had worked on cinemagraph’s in the past so it was a bit of learning experience for us both. We spent a lot of time playing around with ideas and techniques to determine what worked and what didn’t. But then that’s exactly what test days are all about. Test days are so much fun. I’m definitely going to make sure i make time for lots more test days in 2017.



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  1. This is phenomenal . I love the concept of the smoke coming from the tea. I think if this was done for all food photography it would so amazing. Love your work! A question I could see the movement in pictures in my email but not on your blog. I was wondering why?

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. in response to your question I’m not sure why it’s not working for you on my blog. I’ve accessed it through a phone and laptop and both seem to be working through my blog

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      1. This is on my phone – I saw it working in the email notification for post but when I checked in on the blog to leave a comment it was a static picture. No clue why that happened. Just hope it’s my phone only don’t want others to miss the beautiful effect of smoke rising from the cup.

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      2. That’s odd. i’m not sure either. it works fine on my phone. Thanks for letting me know though. I’ll recheck it on other devices tommorow and see if there’s an issue 🙂

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      3. Étain says:

        Pictures like yours also have no movement on my phone. I believe it is just because the apps aren’t as up to date as the site on a computer.

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      4. Ah that could be it. Gif files usually need to be opened in a browser to work so perhaps thats why they might not work in an app

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  2. This is awesome, love it.
    Just to let you know that I can see movement of your pictures on both my iphone and ipad. Keep up the good work. I assume your pictures will be copyright protected.


    1. Awesome. Thats good to know.
      All my mages are copyright protected yes 🙂

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      1. Keep up the good work

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  3. A+B says:


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  4. These are amazing! I saw my first one like last week, and I was captivated!

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  5. Julie Yates says:

    Absolutely amazing! Are there any resources out there where I could learn how to produce a cinemagraph? I love your photos! Thanks so much.

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    1. Thank you! I can’t find the exact one i learnt it with but i’ve quickly scanned over this one and it seems to be spot on.


  6. Mick Talbot says:

    Well I just had to go and make a cupa. Reminiscent of subliminal so called advertising, especially in cinemas, this I think is much better.

    I’d like to mention and with loads of respect, that the image is smoking and the drink is steaming. I don’t mean to be patronising or disrespectful and if offense has been taken then I humbly beg forgiveness.

    Take care, and all the best wishes for 2017 – Mick

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  7. EttaD says:

    I see this and I think Harry Potter! If you’re a fan or have seen the movies, in the halls of Hogwarts there are moving pictures on the walls. I’d like to ask, how is this different from GIF images? I know the process sounds similar in having a portion of the photo in a loop. But in Cinemagraphs the loops seem to be hidden, in that you don’t see the imagines jumping the way you do in a GIF imagine. But either way, I love this concept it’s mesmerising 😉

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    1. My girlfriend is a fan of harry potter she’s been explaining what you mean! to answer your question. Gif files are exactly the same as cinemagraphs. To avoid the sudden jump that you are use to seeing in gif files of yesteryear you need a start point and end point that are quite similar so that the loop appears seamless 🙂

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      1. EttaD says:

        That’s awesome that they have refined the art of moving stills. I like GIf files but always hated how some of them jumped, almost like a skipping record.

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  8. wormalblog says:

    You guys nailed it! They looks so good and aesthetically pleasing haha great work(:

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  9. kelleysdiy says:

    Your making my mouth water!!!

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