Death Trap Food Or Food To Die For? What To Look Out For When Eating Out


Trying new restaurants can be a fantastic experience. While there’s nothing wrong with old favourites, few things beat finding a new gem which you know you’ll return to. It’s a refreshing experience which can open you up to new menus and fantastic settings. Hence why most of us are forever on the lookout for the next best thing.

Of course, where we decide to try can vary depending on all manner of things. Some of us, for instance, wouldn’t dream of trying a restaurant which hadn’t been recommended by friends. Others are much happier to try places on a whim. And, it’s those individuals we’ll be focusing on today.


A top food rating

Food ratings are fantastic things. They’re a sure sign that a restaurant has taken necessary safety precautions. With a high-rated certificate in the window, you can at least ensure that you won’t need to contact a personal injury lawyer after spending an hour in the place. The only downside here is that food hygiene ratings have no standing on the food. They focus purely on kitchen standards and hygiene laws. But, if a company have gone to the efforts of perfecting standards here, it’s a safe bet that they’ll put the same thought into their food. So, before anything, look out for that rating.

An open kitchen

Whether you can or can’t find a hygiene rating, an open kitchen should also go some way towards putting your mind at ease. What’s more, you’ll be able to see this before even setting foot in the place. By keeping the kitchen open, a restaurant is laying all their cards on the table. The mere knowledge that you can see the cooking ensures a safe kitchen and a hygienic meal. Not to mention that open kitchens can add a fantastic visual element to your visit. If you like to watch chefs at work, a restaurant like this is a sure winner for you.


Good reviews online

We know what you’re thinking; we said you could check all this off the cuff. What’s this about online reviews? In reality, though, you can easily check these outside a restaurant with your phone in hand. By doing a quick search, you should soon be able to get a pretty good feel for what past guests have thought. Sure, you may not have time to go into depth. But, it’ll become clear just from looking at average ratings how popular a place is. If the average rating is pretty high and the majority of reviews seem positive, you can be sure you’re onto a winner.

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