Most Instagrammable Restaurant’s


Octopus 3
Psychedelic Octopus + Blood Orange Salad

If there is one way Instagram changed the game, it was making it cool for people to take photographs of their food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, food truck bites – there is no food its 500 million users won’t take an arty photograph of (none of which are quite as great as mine, obviously). It’s incredible how the world of #foodporn has taken off. But it has. Of the 60 million photos shared on the ‘Gram each and every day, my newsfeed suggests 59.4 million of these are snaps of restaurant food.


Of course, it’s not just good news for all those hoping to boost their following or those that desperately want to pretend they live a picture-perfect life, it’s the golden ticket for all eateries. The power of a sexy food snap can make your business go boom, although you might want to pop a sign on your door telling people not to edit any images until they have safely crossed the road or else you might need a personal injury attorney on speed dial). But putting all that aside for one second, have you ever wondered what the most Instagrammed restaurants are? Well, to pop that answer on a plate for you, I’ve made a list of all the places you need to book a table at and then get photographic evidence of you snacking there. Happy eating.


  1. The Sugar Factory – New York City

This restaurant in the Upper East Side is known as a dining adventure; a place that will blow your mind from the moment you step in through the doors to the second you are finished exploring the two-levels of glitz, glamour, celebrity-adorned walls and, most of all, their wow-factor menu. Trust me: the desserts here are nothing shy of outrageous.


  1. NOBU – Malibu

It’s no wonder this restaurant boasts a mega-following on Instagram. It’s in California, it boasts ocean views, let’s you gawp at the sunset as it streaks the ocean with color and, to top it all off, you then get served a plate of otherworldly, drop-dead-gorgeous foods. Yes, you have to spend the big bucks but, in return, you’ll get a Grade-A iconic LA meal and a Grade-A view (that part is essentially free).


  1. Tao Downtown – New York City

It takes somewhere pretty special to have a one-month waiting list in a city as foodie-obsessed with New York – a city where there are so many options – but that’s what Tao Downtown has. A one-month waiting list. And a big part of that is the food they bring out. Sure, it’s party to do with the subterranean restaurant and the entertainment on hand, but it’s mostly to do with the fine Asian cuisine.


  1. Catch LA – Los Angeles

In its most basic form, this is just a seafood restaurant. But get there and you will find it’s so much more than this. It pulls its influence from all over the globe, while ever diner gets to enjoy truly breathtaking and panoramic views, not just of Downtown LA, but of the open kitchen where some of the most mouthwatering and tear-jerking foods you have ever seen get created.

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  1. What a beautiful blog you have created Sid. Just popped over from your post with Dizzy and Heather. I am now a follower.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I have followed you back and very much look forward to getting to know your blog 🙂


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