3 Common Foods That Could Prove To Be Deadly…

We all love food but sometimes even the most common foods can have deadly consequences. If I said to you that you could eat live octopus or shellfish and react badly you probably wouldn’t be surprised! In this post, I am going to focus on 3 common healthy snacks food that can have disastrous consequences when eaten to excess.



Cashew Nuts


To set the record straight, cashews aren’t nuts at all – they’re seeds. Regardless of the technical term, they are potentially deadly if consumed in large amounts. That’s because they contain a chemical which is called “urushiol.” Mother Nature is beautiful, but this nasty element isn’t one of her nicest concoctions because it’s poisonous. However, it only occurs in its raw form, so as long as they have been cooked or steamed, then everything should be fine. You still need to act with care as the shells are home to an acid which can burn your insides.




When we want to eat healthily, we turn to fruit instead of junk food snacks. A banana is one of the most popular in the world because it’s tasty and filling. The problem is this fruit contains high levels of potassium. Now, this chemical is an important part of a healthy diet, but only when eaten in small to medium amounts. Eat too much and you’ll suffer from hyperkalemia. In simple terms, this is when the kidneys can’t flush out the excess and they start to shut down. Why do you think the apes haven’t taken over yet? They’re too ill!


Plate of sweet cherriesimage from torange_biz free photobank




There aren’t many fruits which are as fleshy and delicious as cherries. The fact that they’re small makes most of us want to go back for seconds and thirds, yet it’s a risky move. Not to scare you, but cherries contain cyanide at a level of 0.17 grams. Hydrogen cyanide can kill an adult person with a mere 0.1 grams. So, swallowing one pit can result in a deadly scenario and a phone call to a disability lawyer. For your information, the same applies to plums and apricots, although they’re a lot trickier to ingest.


Did you realize you took your life in your hands every time you ate a cherry?

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