Cost Effective Tips To Make Your Photography Stand Out

When photography is your thing it doesn’t feel right unless you’re always trying new things and developing. Like any artist, being involved in this sort of field means that you have to constantly perfecting your art, but this isn’t always easy. How many of you get stuck in a routine of taking the same sort of photographs every day? This post is aimed at offering some fun cost-effective tips on how to mix things up a bit and make your photography stand out!


Go Vintage: In recent years, loads of old collectors have been starting to sell their equipment on sites like eBay. With modern lenses and cameras having features which are lacking on their older alternatives, these classics tend to come in at very reasonable prices. The M42 mount from Russia, for example, can be used on most new cameras with a simple adaptor and will be far cheaper than some new lenses. Providing a unique look and feel to your photos, options like this will not only make your photos look unique, but will also teach you more about the technical aspects of taking photographs.


Some Practical Effects: Along with some new lenses, you could also think about using some practical effects with your photos. When you’re only capturing a small window of the world, you have a lot of room to make things appear eye-catching, and most practical effects are very cheap. Using the products found on sites like, you can start adding smoke to your images. Or, if you prefer, you could look for some fake dust. There are loads of options like these around, and finding ones which appeal to you should be a simple matter of doing some research.


Software Enhancement: If you’ve been taking photos for some time, you’ve probably been exposed to software like Photoshop and Lightroom before. These tools are great when you’re trying to enhance and edit your images, but a lot of people don’t use them to their full potential, and this is a shame. The best way to improve your use of tools like these will involve doing some learning. You can find loads of courses around the web, with sites like giving you the chance to enrol on something which can be taken completely online. Learning how to take control of your images using software is a great way to enhance your photography


Tripods and Other Supports: Holding a camera in your hand makes it almost impossible to frame your images perfectly. This is especially true in low-light conditions, where most cameras will have to rely on slower shutter speeds to take in more light. I would suggest in investing in a high-quality sturdy tripod or monopod depending on your style of photography.


CInemagraphs: A cinemagraph is a short video that plays on a continuous loop in conjunction with a still image. There are various ways to make a cinemagraph but my favourite way is in photoshop. I can highly recommend this tutorial. Cinemagraphs can be great fun and you can get really experimental with it too.

If you try any of these tips leave a comment or send me a message. I would love to know how you got on 🙂



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