The Colour Purple

Today I am going to share a few images with you from a recent test that I did.  These images showcase some delicious food are tied together by the colour purple.  These images were beautifully food styled by Livia Abraham.

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Cheese-Board copy
Cheese Board
Breakfast-Bowl copy
Big Breakfast Bowl
Beetroot-Soup copy
Beetroot Soup
Vegan Burger
Plum and blackberry Whole Sliced tart

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie says:

    As always, your photos are just beautiful!
    May I ask – what is you opinion on food photography that is dark? I mean it’s stylized to look like a Dutch still life – very far but with light sort of reflecting from the food. Do you ever edit your photos to look that way? I guess I’m basically asking out of curiosity – do you think it’s a fad or here to stay?

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  2. Wow Sid. These all look amazing. I could dive into all these luscious foods.


    1. Thanks Brigid! Thats very nice of you to say. Hope life is treating you well x


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