Enhancing Your Quality Of Life Through Food

Enhancing Your Quality Of Life Through Food

The foodies among us are often portrayed as those who cannot turn down a high-calorie meal, or those who simply must act pretentious about what particular cut of meat they have, or how they would like their steak prepared. Of course, we all have our tastes and preferences. But really, the foodie lifestyle is much more than indulgence. It’s also much more than getting overweight, and in fact, that’s not a pre-requisite at all.


In fact, foodies are thoroughly focused on improving the quality of their life through food. This may seem somewhat difficult on the surface. After all, we’re always told that the road to health is to cut certain things out of your diet, such as fats, or carbs. But there’s no reason why living the foodie life or living a healthy life should be mutually exclusive, never to meet in the middle lest all heck break loose.


In the following advice, we’ll discuss just how any new foodie can go about their gastronomic interest without falling victim to those stereotypes, redefining their appreciation for food all the while. Please, consider:


The Cultural Connection

Cuisine is connected to culture, and culture is connected to cuisine. In fact, you may even consider this to be one of the most fundamental aspects of culture expressed. Cuisine is more fundamental to culture than literature, or art, or perhaps even language. To that extent, you cannot truly understand a culture unless you have eaten its food. 


Anyone interested in cuisine will hold a deep love for international culture. Almost every country and nationality has its own amazing contributions to food as a whole, be that different ingredient and preparation methods, cooking techniques, to how food is served. For instance, in Japan, slurping down your well-prepared ramen noodles is seen as a sign of respect, a sign of just how delectable you feel the food to be.


The cultural connection enables you to enhance the quality of life because it’s a fundamentally open, accepting, and understanding stance to take. Have you noticed that even the most xenophobic people still eat foods created outside of the usual production of their culture? That should speak for itself. Any foodie taking food seriously will find it incredible to eat in many different environments at once, taking in many different tastes, sights, smells, and serving methods. No matter if it’s travelling to experience the best of Japanese teppanyaki or moving to a beautiful restaurant in Lyon preserving the best of timeless French cuisine, food can help us look out, and experience more, and stay grateful. It can open our minds, help us meet new people, and allow us to encounter new food challenges all the while.


The late Anthony Bourdain said it best – “Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life—and travel—leaves marks on you.” If you’re already thinking of booking tickets to Europe and planning just how much you can eat in a given day before collapsing and snoozing for the next ten hours, don’t let us stop you!

Octopus 3
Psychedelic Octopus + Blood Orange Salad

Nutrition & Daily Life

Of course, we’d be neglectful if not speaking of the primary function of food, nutrition in our daily life. Eating well prepared and authentic, fresh foods can help us live a healthier, happier life. Sure, we may need to keep an eye on our waistline from time to time, but with vitamins online and the ability to sometimes pass up the indulgences, we can enjoy a greater quality of life through the food we consume.


Eating organic, well-prepared meals, learning to cook ourselves, understanding what good ingredients are, supporting worthwhile practices in the agricultural industry or even pioneering certain tastes you might have, perhaps for vegan foods, can be a great idea. The more we are able to celebrate food and understand quality when we see it, the more education can spread. For instance, teaching young people to cook can help them avoid years of eating processed foods that make them worse-off in the long run. For results like this, we all have a worthwhile part to play.


Creativity & Art

Creativity and art is not just a side effect of crafting fun meals, but an integral part of the entire process. Hey, there’s a reason why this website is dedicated to beautiful, carefully-shot images of the most attractive and impressive meals you can find anywhere. Even anyone with a basic set of cooking skills, especially those who have spent time working as a chef, will understand that creativity and artistry that goes into designing a worthwhile menu.


It’s not uncommon for the most famous examples to be celebrated. For instance, Massimo Bottura’s Five Ages of Parmesan is a famous dish he sells as part of his reverence for the Parmesan industry of Modena. Something so simple, so refined, so raw is very difficult to ignore because it shows a craftsman with an absolute confidence and appreciation for his dishes, allowing well-wrought ingredients to do all the talking. Yet we needn’t consider examples like this as the only food worth celebrating.


Art comes from the careful carving of a lamb joint, to the beautiful roasting of vegetables, to how color, presence, and texture is displayed on a plate, resulting in how all of those elements interact with one another. The more you can learn about and understand the creative art of cooking, even in something that works for you such as researching how smokehouses manage to provide such beautiful barbecue meat, you can immediately gain an inspired view of a craft. Having that kind of inspiration to heart is something that will increase your quality of life tenfold, no matter if you simply appreciate good food or wish to start the journey of becoming an artist in this field yourself.

Lamb with Romesco served with garlic green beans


Connecting Over Food Is Beautiful

There is simply nothing better than connecting with people through food. It’s the one thing that can bring together people of different religious, political, or moral views. It’s the one thing that can allow us to enjoy one another’s company in total silence, as we eat bite after bite. Good food often leads to good conversation, and that may lead to good wine or other indulgences. 


What are the most important memories you hold? We’re sure it’s not getting that platinum trophy in that video game, or in finishing that Netflix series. It’s in sitting around with those you love, talking openly, and appreciating great, wholesome food. You needn’t be a foodie to find the love and compassion in this. If you cook for someone, each meal you provide for them is an act of love. Entertaining in this way is an art, and attending meals with friends can help you build amazing memories together. Enhancing the quality of your life through food can make you an excellent dinner guest, and to that end you’re sure to enjoy an improved quality of life.

A staircase of beautiful tomatoes

There’s Always Something To Learn

In the culinary arts, there’s always something worthwhile to learn. You may wish to learn the best restaurants to eat in, just who the movers and shakers of a certain cuisine are, and also culinary history. Watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, and of course, eating in places you may not have otherwise can expand your interest and knowledge, and from there, you’ll have curated a lovely new hobby.


With these insights, we hope to have thoroughly convinced you that you can, almost always, enhance your quality of life through food.

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