Saving Money On Garden Upkeep

If you’re reading this, your garden is probably the bane of your existence right now. It’s probably a huge money sinkhole, and you have no idea how to get it looking healthy and cohesive without blowing the entire bank on getting a professional landscaper. 


Worry no more, because there’s plenty of things you can do to ensure your garden is looking and smelling nice, and you don’t have to spend too much money to do so either. 




Set Up A Compost Heap


A compost heap is essential to ensuring you can save money on your garden. If you have a compost heap of your own, you won’t be spending tons on buying bags from your nearby gardening center. You’ll have a free and steady supply of soil improving material, that’ll help those seeds to flower much faster, and with better produce too. 


It can be pretty cheap to build a compost heap box too. As long as you’ve got a bit of spare wood in your back garden, or a broken fence you can repurpose, you can put a compost heap box together in under an hour. 


Do Away with the Lawn! 


Taking care of the lawn takes a lot out of you; it takes time, it takes effort, and it takes money. You have to spend on seeds, you have to spend on a lawn mower/strimmer and the maintenance of it, and you have to spend on solutions and pellets that help the lawn to grow and look green. However, simply doing away with the lawn, and letting go of your need for a big patch of grass, could be the answer here. 


Simply letting it grow over, and introducing a bit of biodiversity to your garden, could be the best thing you’ve done for your ecosystem. Similarly, you could make a one time investment in some australian made synthetic turf to layer over the top of your old lawn, and ensure that you’ve got a consistent and healthy looking lawn that’ll never need continuous upkeep. 


Join Your Gardening Community 


And finally, it might be a good idea for you to join your local gardening community or association. Similarly, if there’s an allotment near to you, you can think about registering for a plot up there, to get to know the other gardeners in your area. Be sure to look up such groups on the internet if you don’t know where to start, or even think about starting your own little group


Because when you place yourself amongst other gardeners, they’ll be very likely to share hints and tips, seeds and spare seedlings, or even bags of fertilizer that they’re not using. And if you need to pick up some new and cheap gardening tools, you can probably borrow theirs, or ask where they manage to find them. 


Saving money on the upkeep of your garden can be done, as long as you’re talking to the right people, and focusing on the right areas.

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