Lighting Up Your Walls With A Bit More Life

Are your walls looking a little dreary right now? Maybe a little empty and lifeless? Do you wish you could do something that would bring a bit more bounce and light into your home? Well, we’ve got some good news for you, because there are plenty of things you can do! 


Your home deserves to be a light and bright place, that’s filled with love and life, and you deserve to be able to enjoy it, no matter what room you’re in. So, in the interest of ensuring your walls are well decorated and suit you, here are some tips to keep in mind for the future. 




Accents are Always Interesting


Accent walls need to be well used in your home, and that means knowing where to put them, and understanding how they change space. Not only do they make a room look more interesting, but they can change the tone, atmosphere, and use of the room too. 


For example, an accent wall fitted with wallpaper decorated with a vibrant flower pattern could make the room feel a lot more warm and summer like, and make breakfasts a lot more cozy. 


Work Out What Artwork is Right


Your walls are empty, and one of the best ways to fill them up is to hang some artwork on them. But what kind? Because depending on the room you’re in, as well as the style you like, buying art online can be a little tricky. However, it’s not impossible when you know how to work out what kind of artwork is right. 


One big piece of art to hang over one wall is a great idea, especially in the living room or bedroom. An ocean scene, or a forest scene, above the back of the sofa or the headboard of your bed, can really transform how a room feels. Plus, if you like more than one piece, or you’re a fan of small artworks, you can even set up your own gallery wall. They’re great for a bit of texture in an otherwise flat, minimalist room! 


Think About Light and Texture


Speaking of texture, you’re going to want to employ a lot more methods of including more light and more materials on your walls too. Something like fabric, in the form of tapestries or soft wall hangings, as well as mirrors or shelves, are a great way to bring a bit more bounce to your space. 


With texture, not only are you incorporating a bit more life here, but you get a bit more use out of the space as well. Similarly, the use of light fixtures could be good for brightening up those dark spots, or including some more intimate lighting in places like the bathroom or bedroom. 


Are your walls a little lifeless right now? Well, hopefully we’ve helped you out with the suggestions above. Be sure to look for more inspiration on your journey to properly decorate your home, and don’t stop until you’re satisfied!

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