How To Stay Active On Holiday

A holiday is a time to unwind and destress, but if you’re investing in your health and wellbeing, it can be tough to keep up with it while you’re away from home. A week or more off your usual routine can set back some of your hard work. On the other hand, you also don’t want to spoil your break by always worrying about what you’re eating or whether you’ve exercised. Here are some ways to fit activity into a holiday, while still having fun. 




  1. Walk. Walking is an easy, brilliant way to check out where you’re visiting. Instead of driving or using taxis, try to walk more on your trip. Go for a walk around the area after dinner, or book some local walking tours to learn about the place that you’re visiting. 
  2. Run. If you run at home, there’s no reason that you can’t run while you’re on holiday too. Put your running shoes in your suitcase, and look for a running route when you arrive. Ask the hotel concierge for recommendations, or look out for local parks, promenades, or running trails. Run on the beach for a tougher workout and a good way to get outdoors
  3. Cycling. Cycling is great exercise and a fun way to explore. Look for somewhere to hire bikes or book a cycling holiday like Happy Cycling Holidays in Holland.
  4. Swim. If you’re staying near the sea, or somewhere with a pool, swimming is great. Swimming is an effective all over body workout, but fun too. Swim some laps in the pool or the sea at some point during the day. 
  5. Exercise classes. When you arrive at your hotel, see what classes they offer. Most hotels offer all kinds of activities, many of which are great exercise. Look for activities like yoga, water aerobics, dance, or anything else that sounds like fun to you. 
  6. Use the hotel gym. If you’re a keen gym-goer, you might want to keep up your routine in the hotel gym. You could get up and get your workout in before breakfast, so you have the rest of your day to enjoy your holiday. 
  7. Bodyweight exercises. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, you can do bodyweight exercises in your hotel room. Search YouTube for no equipment workouts, and you can maintain your fitness until you can go back to the gym. If you have some room in your suitcase, you could pack tools like a resistance band to have some kit to use, without making your bag too heavy. 
  8. Sports. Does your hotel have any sports that you can join? Some hotels have tennis courts that you can use. Choose a way to get active, but that you will also find fun. Play tennis or another sport with the people you’re away with. 


There’s no reason that you can’t stay active on holiday, and still have a fun time while you’re away. Whether you hit the gym, or just enjoy the hotel pool, you can keep exercising in a fun way. 


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