4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Travel 

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Travel 


The idea of ‘going travelling’ is a scary one to some people. There are a lot of unknowns, it’s true, but there are actually more good reasons to go than bad ideas about travelling, and it can truly benefit anyone who tries. Here are some of the best reasons to explore the world. 




Build Your Confidence 

Even the shyest person will find that their confidence is increased as they travel more. That’s because you will always be meeting new people and be in different situations, and eventually, you’ll find that you need to speak up, or you won’t get the full benefit of being wherever it is that you are. You’ll need to pick up new languages (or at least pieces of them), try new foods, perhaps even hitchhike, or at least use public transport in a strange place. All of this requires confidence, and before you know it, you’ll find that you can talk with anyone about anything, and ask for whatever it is you may want or need. 


Make New Friends 

As mentioned above, you’ll bump into a large variety of random people when you’re travelling. Some of them (most of them, in fact) you’ll never see again, but some can become lifelong friends, and perhaps some of the best friends you’ll ever have. Therefore, even if you want to go travelling but are worried because no one else wants to go with you, there’s no need to let that put you off – you’re sure to make friends while you’re away, and it could even be that you all start travelling together (assuming you have no definite plans, this can be a great idea). Studies have actually shown that having friends is good for your health, so this is certainly an added benefit.


It’s Safe 

One reason you might be worried about travelling is that you think it might not be completely safe. The truth is that as long as you do everything you’re meant to do and don’t do anything you’re not meant to do, you should be perfectly fine. Stick to the busier, more tourist-centred areas if you’re worried that going off the beaten track might not be a good idea. And remember, even if you were to get sick, there are plenty of people who can help you, including medical centre staff if you need them. 


Make Memories 

At some point, it may be that you choose to settle down and stop travelling. It might be that you get a job that means you need to stick to one location, or perhaps you’ll have kids and need to be around for them. Whatever your reasons, it’s far better to have enjoyed your travelling and have made plenty of fantastic memories than not. At least when you are looking for reasons to skip the housework, you can look through photos of your travels or sit back and think of all you did when you were away. It will also give you great stories to tell friends and family, and that keeps it all alive too.

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