5 Surprising Things You Learn When You Vacation Down Under



Australia might technically be a part of the Western world, but it’s an interesting place, full of surprises. You go there expecting a sort of mini European or American enclave, but what you find is actually very different. 


The first signs that something isn’t quite the same emerge on the shuttle from the airport. Drivers will often talk to you about how good their country is, instead of moaning about all the problems. 


So what do you learn when you go vacationing Down Under for the first time?


Fast Food Joints Go By Different Names




McDonald’s keeps the same name all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you go, whether it’s Timbuktu in Africa or Venezuela in South America, the familiar Golden Arches are always there to greet you. 


That’s not true in Australia, though. McDonald’s has been affectionately called Macca’s for many years to the point where the company has actually changed its signage to reflect the local dialect. It also uses its nickname to advertise on TV, so don’t get confused if you visit.


The WiFi Is Expensive


When you travel around the world, you quickly get used to complimentary WiFi. Practically every hotel, coffee shop, apartment, and mall has it. After all, in most parts of the world, broadband connections are dirt cheap. 


But in Australia, WiFi is something of a precious commodity and as rare as a Madagascan pochard. Typical hotel fees for usage are around $25 AUD per night, which is around $15 US. Hence, you’re better off relying on phone data. 


Visiting In Winter Is Best


Going to Australia during the summer probably isn’t such a good idea. While the weather will be sunny, it’s also way too hot for most outdoor activities. Just going for a quick walk can leave you sweating buckets. 


Being in the southern hemisphere, Australia’s winter runs from June to September. It’s not particularly winterly, though, if you’re used to northern hemisphere conditions. In fact, it’s just about right. Think of a perfect spring day in May. That’s what it feels like. 


Melbourne Has Some Of The Best Bars In The World




Melbourne is a city that offers a lot of things. And while it is slightly less famous than Sydney, it’s the perfect venue for people who love nightlife. 


Going on a Melbourne rooftop bar tour can be a lot of fun. There are multiple venues across the city that allow you to gawp at its beautiful architecture and stunning scenery. Some higher bars allow you to see all the way to Sorrento on the coast. 


Australian Politics Is Messy


Thanks to various pandemic-related issues, Australian politics is in turmoil. The country appears to be turning its back on Western liberalism and embracing Chinese-style authoritarianism. Even so, it can all be interesting to watch as a tourist. Most people are tuned into American politics, regardless of the country they live in, but fewer people are getting the low-down on what’s going on in Australia. Just remember, that for Australian citizens, voting is compulsory.

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